Monitor Campaign

What can GenZolo provide to give the best shots for your business?

  • Manage & optimize your Social Campaign depending on your KPI.
  • Create and target user personas using ADA’s XACT and first-party data.
  • Create lookalike/similar audiences to expand the reach base.

Why choose GenZolo to mostly GAIN BENEFIT for your business?
  • Improve the effectiveness of each campaign based on optimal data.
  • Propose detailed, professional reports, and transparency to maximize campaign performance.

“You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.”

Tara-Nicholle Nelson, CEO of Transformational Customer Insights

Standard Procedure
  • Consulting and scheduling Digital Marketing plan to increase sales for customers.
  • Scan and overview Contract of Policy.
  • Deploy the plan for Digital Marketing solution.
  • Measure and optimize ads content.
  • Report, analyze the efficiency of overall strategy and propose solutions for Digital Marketing channels.

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